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We’d all like to believe everyone and everything in the spirit realm is wonderful and caring. Unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be the case. Not every spirit is kind and loving, and wants to be our friend. I say this because of a dreadful encounter I once had while practicing astral projection.

I’d managed to put my body fully to sleep and keep my mind awake, and my soul had just begun to emerge when to my horror something grabbed me by both wrists and shook me violently, then growled loudly in my face. It was a most frightening and hideous animal-like growl which scared the daylights out of me. I can’t deny I almost peed my pajamas, and the fact I was physically paralyzed made it all the more terrifying.

I don’t know whether this malevolent spirit grabbed my astral or physical wrists, but I can tell you its grip was undeniably strong. And if it was indeed able to rough up my spirit in this manner… that is a concern. Although I don’t believe this type of aggressive behavior can inflict any real harm to our spirit, it definitely poses a threat to our physical bodies. I mean this sort of intensely frightening encounter could potentially cause a heart attack. Fortunately my heart was strong and I maintained my courage fairly well overall, but I have to admit I didn’t sleep well in the nights to come. For a long time I worried there was an evil presence in my home.

Nothing more happened after that night, so I’m led to believe this was most likely just some unpleasant soul who was roaming or trapped in the lower realms. I won’t declare it was a demon, or incubus, or anything quite so sinister. Perhaps this entity was casually passing by when it noticed me coming out of my body, and decided to give me a good scare for its own amusement. I’ve also considered the possibility there are spirits who do this deliberately to keep us from entering the astral realms while we’re still alive. Maybe we’re not meant to toy with astral projection until we’ve attained a certain level of spiritual power and knowledge. Maybe these [ass]souls are assigned the task of preventing us from escaping our bodies, by whatever means available. Or, as I said, maybe it scared me just for kicks. I may never know the answer to that, and I’ve dismissed the unfortunate experience as being bad luck, or bad timing and little else. And to be honest I’ve encountered many individuals right here in the physical world who were ten times as hostile and menacing as whoever this frightful character was. I’ll just have to accept the fact not every soul is nice… not in this world or beyond. All I can do is follow the light and try to be one of the good guys.

It was once suggested to me I burn a white candle while practicing astral projection, to ward off nasty spirits like these, but I can’t tell you if it works or not. And I don’t want to scare anyone, but if you’re experimenting with astral projection, please be careful. You’re entering uncharted waters and like myself, you may lack the knowledge, strength and skills required to journey safely.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

You know I almost have to laugh when I say the word, because of the way most people think. The way we speak of ghosts as being spooky alien entities, when the reality is these strange and eerie creatures are really just US, minus our bodies.

Recently I began conversing with someone from my distant past. My first true love. We’d lost touch for many years, and in that time most of my memories of our time together faded into obscurity. But there are a few unforgettable memories which are forever etched into my mind. Those memories began resurfacing during our recent discussions, which brings me to the topic of ghosts. The one and only ghost I’ve actually seen, as opposed to simply heard and felt.

She and I were teens back then, living together. Well, one night we’d gone upstairs to bed and I’d fallen asleep next to her. Several hours later I awoke, partially out of my body. This is the condition I’ve mentioned in previous posts, where I’d be wide awake yet paralyzed. Kanashibari, as the Japanese call it (meaning bound or fastened in metal). Back in those days this was a fairly common occurrence for me, and at first I began trying to push myself completely out of body. Now, in all the times I’ve found myself in this peculiar state, I’ve only once been able to actually see my surroundings, and this was that time.

I was lying on my side, on the edge of the bed facing the bedroom door. I could see the room and I knew it was the wee twilight hours, just before dawn. The door was slightly ajar and the room seemed to be illuminated with a soft pale bluish glow. I continued trying to force my consciousness out of my body, and as usual I felt as though I were rushing outward at light speed. I was hoping maybe this would be the first time I was actually able to completely break free of my body’s grasp and plunge headlong into the astral realms. Unfortunately something stopped me in my tracks.

I began hearing sounds coming from below. As I strained to listen, I realized it was the sound of footsteps coming from the downstairs level of the home. My first reaction was to wonder who on earth would be romping around downstairs at this time of the morning, and I became somewhat alarmed, worried it might have been an intruder. Because of that concern I now wanted to get up and check things out, but I was unable to regain control of my body. So there I lay, fully alert and listening intently, my gaze fixed upon the bedroom door.

At first the footsteps were fairly soft and light, like those of a child. Then they became noticeably louder, and I realized that whoever was making the sound, was hopping on the steps at the foot of the stairs. I was a bit confused and disoriented, and baffled as to why a child would be hopping on the stairs in our home. The footsteps grew louder and louder as this unknown entity ascended the stairs toward our room. By now I was getting rather panicky and struggling to stand up, but I still couldn’t budge. All I could do was lie there motionless, listening and watching as the footsteps bounced their way to the top of the stairs and into the hallway just outside the bedroom door. I felt a distinct flash of terror because I knew whoever, or whatever, was out there… was about to come through the door.

Suddenly a burst of light appeared in the doorway. Not a human form, but rather a spherical shape. A glistening ball of light, or an orb. For a brief moment it glimmered with dazzling colors… shimmering like a living luminous opal. Although the entity’s appearance was much more beautiful than terrifying, I’d had all I could take. My fear overwhelmed me and a sudden surge of adrenaline enabled me to finally regain control of my body. I jumped off the bed with a gasp, all wide-eyed and huffing. And then it was gone. Or rather, I was no longer able to perceive its presence.

Looking back on that experience, my first true spirit sighting, I have chuckle because it sounds like a scene from a horror movie. Poltergeist perhaps. It’s like a spooky ghost story best told round the campfire. But the truth is, whatever I saw that night… be it a “poltergeist” or an “orb”, or the harmless playful spirit of a child (or maybe my girlfriend, out of her body as she dreamed?)… was only a small glimpse of reality. Another reminder of who and what we all truly are. Ghosts. BOO! 😀

I’ve only seen the astral cord once, many years ago. A friend and I were traveling together and we’d stopped at a hotel to rest. My friend was exhausted and had fallen asleep on the bed next to me, while I remained awake and upright, sitting in a chair watching TV.

A short time after my friend dozed off, something odd caught my eye. I noticed a silvery streak on the wall mirror across the room. At first I dismissed it as simply being some kind of smudge or smear on the mirror’s surface, but it was so bright it kept catching my attention. The longer I looked at it, the stranger it seemed, and eventually I moved back and forth to change my visual perspective. That’s when I noticed the streak didn’t move in in sync with the mirror as I changed my position. So finally I got out of my chair and walked over to the mirror for a close inspection of the unusual mark. When I got within inches of the mirror, and tried to rub the streak, I realized it wasn’t actually a mark on the mirror’s surface, but rather a reflection of something behind me. So I turned, and to my amazement I saw a silver strand of light emanating from my sleeping friend’s forehead!

Of course I had to rub my eyes a few times, but it soon became apparent I was not imagining things. There it was, bright as day. A thin, silvery, smoky strand of light, energy, rising up from my friend’s third eye region and vanishing near the ceiling.

I stood there quietly observing this for quite some time, from only inches away. The cord was about the width of a very thin pencil. It wavered ever so slightly, and was undeniably aglow with soft light. At one point I was tempted to move my hand through it, but feared that might somehow harm my friend, or at the very least, disturb his rest… so I resisted the urge.

After maybe an hour of gazing in wonder, I just sat back in my chair and said to myself; Well there it is. The astral cord. Bold and bright, and irrefutably real. I’d always been inclined to believe the cord was real, but there’s nothing quite like seeing such things for ourselves, while wide awake, to confirm our beliefs. Unfortunately I did not have a camera with me, and I’ve always wondered if the cord would have shown up on film. It is, after all, astral energy, not physical. As such, it might only be visible to those who possess some psychic ability. Yet, the cord was bright enough to cast a reflection in the mirror… so who really knows?

When my friend finally woke, I told him what I’d seen. Naturally he was a bit skeptical, but I soon convinced him what I’d seen was very real, and that it was more proof positive that we’re all indeed immortal souls !  🙂

I’ve had a number of partial OBEs (out of body experiences) over the years. Not all of them were pleasant. In fact some were quite terrifying. But I’ll spare you those ghost stories for now, because I want to talk about wings.

One night many years ago, I began emerging from my body, fully conscious. Now, allow me to first try to describe the sensation for those who don’t know. Basically you feel as if you’re pouring out of yourself. As if you’re becoming millions of beams of light which are shooting outward in all directions. You feel as if you’re rushing through space at the speed of light, yet simultaneously lying perfectly still. It’s an undeniably intense sensation, which is likely compounded by paralysis. I’d rather not call it sleep paralysis, because modern science strongly associates this condition with hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations, which of course diminishes the validity of our OBEs. Legitimate OBEs have been confused with everything from lucid dreaming to hallucinations, to exploding head syndrome to alien abduction. So for now, let me just stay on-topic, and sum that issue up by saying that in this state, the body is indeed asleep and paralyzed, but the mind is awake, and you’re not hallucinating. Slightly dreaming? Perhaps, but not in my case. I was fully conscious, alert and aware of what was happening.

Okay, so I’d reached the point where I could feel my spirit emerging from my sleeping corporeal self. That’s when I heard wings gently flapping above my head. Although I was unable to see, judging by the flapping sound I’d say the wings were about the size of a fairly large bird, such as a crow or seagull.

Naturally I was nervous at this point, but I was a determined young man, and I continued to push myself onward, rather than freak out and jump off the bed.

The wings continued to flap, louder and louder, but not furiously so. These were strong but graceful wings, and to my amazement I suddenly felt light wisps of air softly brushing my face with their every beat.

Not knowing what else to think, I concluded a spirit bird of some sort had lighted upon my pillow, just above my head. It was perhaps some cause for concern, but I didn’t feel threatened, only fascinated. However, the experience eventually became overwhelming, and I forcibly regained control of my body and got up off the bed, thereby ending it.

I’ve read a good bit about astral projection, and I’ve read the accounts of many others who have heard these very same flapping wings. Unfortunately no one knows for sure what this phenomenon is all about. But I do recall someone suggesting that these wings aren’t really those of a spirit bird, or angel, or any other alien entity. They are in fact our very own spirit wings we hear.

However strange that theory may sound on the surface, it does make pretty good sense. Because if our consciousness and soul are one in the same, and our consciousness is centrally located in our physical brains, then it seems very likely that our outstretched spirit wings (if we could hear, see or feel them) would be found at the top of our heads. So if we’re lying on our backs and emerging from our bodies in this manner, and stretching our wings, it’s entirely possible we’d perceive our own spirit wings as being a bird on our pillow, perched just above our head.  We shouldn’t assume our true spiritual form is a carbon copy of our human body, only with wings on our backs. Our true spiritual form may very well be that of a bird, as has been suggested in vedic literature.

I’ll try to dig up more info about this when I’m able. In the meantime, thanks for reading and please comment or email me if you have something you’d like to share about this interesting topic.

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