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Swami Vivekananda Jaipur

Swami Vivekananda in Jaipur

You may download The Yogas and Other Works by Swami Vivekananda here if you like. (pdf/ebooks)

These books are wonderful. They provide tremendous insight into the mind of beloved Swami Vivekananda and offer much of his wisdom and teachings to the world. It’s recommended they be read in the order posted.

Left click to open the books in your browser, right click to save to your computer so you can read them offline. If you can’t open the files in your browser, try updating your Adobe reader.


1. Jnana Yoga
2. Bhakti Yoga
3. Karma Yoga
4. Raja Yoga



“Soft-brained people, weak-minded, chicken-hearted, cannot find the truth. One has to be free, and as broad as the sky.”

“True religion is not talk, or doctrines, or theories, nor is it sectarianism. It is the relation between soul and God. Religion does not consist in erecting temples, or building churches, or attending public worship. It is not to be found in books, or in words, or in lectures, or in organizations. Religion consists in realization. We must realize God, feel God, see God, talk to God. That is religion.”

स्वामी विवेकानन्द Svāmi Vivekānanda

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