Sarasvati Vīṇa

I don’t talk about this much, because it’s a rather sad depressing story.
Nonetheless, it is an important paranormal experience I’d like to relate.

18 years ago, my uncle was brutally murdered. Senselessly killed by despicable thugs in a robbery gone bad. He was gunned down right in front of my aunt, his beloved wife. My elderly aunt was badly beaten too, and she was very fortunate to survive such a savage assault.

Well not long after, I met my aunt in that dark place one night, and we stood in the very same spot on the street where my uncle died.

I looked at my aunt, and I remember thinking how small she looked, there in the shadows, like a lost and frightened little girl. She didn’t speak, and it was pretty dark on that street, difficult to see, but she and I made eye contact, and I will never forget the imploring look in her eyes.

Suddenly I felt a powerful force gripping my body. A force unmistakably coming directly from my aunt, and reaching straight out to me.

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