Have you ever seen a ghost?

You know I almost have to laugh when I say the word, because of the way most people think. The way we speak of ghosts as being spooky alien entities, when the reality is these strange and eerie creatures are really just US, minus our bodies.

Recently I began conversing with someone from my distant past. My first true love. We’d lost touch for many years, and in that time most of my memories of our time together faded into obscurity. But there are a few unforgettable memories which are forever etched into my mind. Those memories began resurfacing during our recent discussions, which brings me to the topic of ghosts. The one and only ghost I’ve actually seen, as opposed to simply heard and felt.

She and I were teens back then, living together. Well, one night we’d gone upstairs to bed and I’d fallen asleep next to her. Several hours later I awoke, partially out of my body. This is the condition I’ve mentioned in previous posts, where I’d be wide awake yet paralyzed. Kanashibari, as the Japanese call it (meaning bound or fastened in metal). Back in those days this was a fairly common occurrence for me, and at first I began trying to push myself completely out of body. Now, in all the times I’ve found myself in this peculiar state, I’ve only once been able to actually see my surroundings, and this was that time.

I was lying on my side, on the edge of the bed facing the bedroom door. I could see the room and I knew it was the wee twilight hours, just before dawn. The door was slightly ajar and the room seemed to be illuminated with a soft pale bluish glow. I continued trying to force my consciousness out of my body, and as usual I felt as though I were rushing outward at light speed. I was hoping maybe this would be the first time I was actually able to completely break free of my body’s grasp and plunge headlong into the astral realms. Unfortunately something stopped me in my tracks.

I began hearing sounds coming from below. As I strained to listen, I realized it was the sound of footsteps coming from the downstairs level of the home. My first reaction was to wonder who on earth would be romping around downstairs at this time of the morning, and I became somewhat alarmed, worried it might have been an intruder. Because of that concern I now wanted to get up and check things out, but I was unable to regain control of my body. So there I lay, fully alert and listening intently, my gaze fixed upon the bedroom door.

At first the footsteps were fairly soft and light, like those of a child. Then they became noticeably louder, and I realized that whoever was making the sound, was hopping on the steps at the foot of the stairs. I was a bit confused and disoriented, and baffled as to why a child would be hopping on the stairs in our home. The footsteps grew louder and louder as this unknown entity ascended the stairs toward our room. By now I was getting rather panicky and struggling to stand up, but I still couldn’t budge. All I could do was lie there motionless, listening and watching as the footsteps bounced their way to the top of the stairs and into the hallway just outside the bedroom door. I felt a distinct flash of terror because I knew whoever, or whatever, was out there… was about to come through the door.

Suddenly a burst of light appeared in the doorway. Not a human form, but rather a spherical shape. A glistening ball of light, or an orb. For a brief moment it glimmered with dazzling colors… shimmering like a living luminous opal. Although the entity’s appearance was much more beautiful than terrifying, I’d had all I could take. My fear overwhelmed me and a sudden surge of adrenaline enabled me to finally regain control of my body. I jumped off the bed with a gasp, all wide-eyed and huffing. And then it was gone. Or rather, I was no longer able to perceive its presence.

Looking back on that experience, my first true spirit sighting, I have chuckle because it sounds like a scene from a horror movie. Poltergeist perhaps. It’s like a spooky ghost story best told round the campfire. But the truth is, whatever I saw that night… be it a “poltergeist” or an “orb”, or the harmless playful spirit of a child (or maybe my girlfriend, out of her body as she dreamed?)… was only a small glimpse of reality. Another reminder of who and what we all truly are. Ghosts. BOO! 😀

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