Sarasvati Vīṇa

I don’t talk about this much, because it’s a rather sad depressing story.
Nonetheless, it is an important paranormal experience I’d like to relate.

18 years ago, my uncle was brutally murdered. Senselessly killed by despicable thugs in a robbery gone bad. He was gunned down right in front of my aunt, his beloved wife. My elderly aunt was badly beaten too, and she was very fortunate to survive such a savage assault.

Well not long after, I met my aunt in that dark place one night, and we stood in the very same spot on the street where my uncle died.

I looked at my aunt, and I remember thinking how small she looked, there in the shadows, like a lost and frightened little girl. She didn’t speak, and it was pretty dark on that street, difficult to see, but she and I made eye contact, and I will never forget the imploring look in her eyes.

Suddenly I felt a powerful force gripping my body. A force unmistakably coming directly from my aunt, and reaching straight out to me.

I know what goose bumps feel like on my skin. The tingling, the raised hairs on my forearms. But this was a very different sensation. I’d never felt anything like this before, and it’s difficult to describe the sensation, but it basically felt like thousands of tiny psychic tentacles, or an intense static electricity field, tugging on my skin, pulling me toward her. It literally gave me major goose bumps and raised the hairs on my arms.

I have seen the astral cord, but I’ve never seen a person’s aura. I have however felt people’s auras for sure. I’m quite certain we all radiate (and absorb or consume) some form of ultra high-frequency energy, or Prana, or whatever you’d prefer to call it. And we all have an aura, even if it can’t be detected or measured with modern scientific instruments. And it definitely does appear to me that our auras project our thoughts, mood, emotional and spiritual state, a good distance outside our brains and bodies.

Some people’s auras are so strong, at least at certain points in their life, like when they’re feeling intense emotion, you can literally feel that force reaching out and grabbing hold of you, penetrating your body and soul. And I’ve noticed some people become so massively selfish, jealous, hateful, contemptuous, their souls seem to become a gaping black void or vortex, sucking all the air, light and positive energy right out of the room. It’s as if they have no aura, they’re not giving off any spiritual light or energy, they’re only consuming it. Just being anywhere near those people can make others feel extremely uncomfortable, agitated, angry, emotionally drained and depressed.

The energy my aunt was generating in that moment, might have been a somewhat negative soul-draining force, and to be honest, it was a rather creepy feeling for me, because it was such a strange, sudden and powerful sensation. I was totally taken by surprise, completely caught off balance, and unsure how to react.

But she was, after all, someone I love, and someone in great emotional distress. Someone becoming consumed by that terrible darkness.

In that dark hour, she desperately needed my spiritual strength.
So I didn’t recoil or try to put up a defensive psychic barrier or shield. Instead I responded by giving my aunt a warm heartfelt hug, which hopefully enabled her to absorb my astral energy and replenish her own sorely depleted supply.

Then we quietly sat down together, and to help ease her fear and relax, I played one of her favorite melodies on my guitar. Romance Anonimo

Sadly, just a few short years after my uncle’s tragic death, my aunt succumbed to cancer.

If you are reading this Aunt Dee, we do dearly miss you. I miss your laughter, I miss your kind encouraging words, and I miss your brave, admirable, and irrepressible spirit. The kind and generous spirit those wicked murderers UNsuccessfully tried to destroy.

I remember long ago, in my early teen years, my aunt asked me what I thought love is. If memory serves, I replied by saying “Love is a power within the soul”, or something similar. A rather simplistic answer no doubt, coming from a 14 year-old boy, but indeed love is, an incredibly powerful spiritual force, which is not manufactured by the human brain. Love comes from a much higher and larger universal source.

In truth I cannot possibly say what love actually is. Not at age 14, and not at age 54. I can only describe how love feels to me, and say how spectacular God’s love felt, the night the 2 swans appeared in my dream.

And I’ll add that although human love is often weak, tainted, conditional, unreliable, with a nasty tendency to quickly evaporate, God’s love is truly eternal, everlasting, the purest highest form of love.
A love that doesn’t flicker, fade, or extinguish itself. God’s love shines brightly for all eternity, throughout all infinity. It can never be destroyed.

Of course the million dollar question is; How do we tap into that fantastic love and bliss right here and now, in the material world?

I truly wish I had an answer for that. If I did I’d be shouting that invaluable secret high from the mountain tops for all mankind to hear. But there doesn’t appear to be any one quick or simple way to directly connect with God’s limitless love and light while we’re still walking this world, and I’m asking the very same questions billions of others ask every night and day.

As for myself, it took an awful lot of soul-crushing pain, followed by absolute unconditional surrender, followed by God responding with enormous love and compassion. That is all I know, and not one thing more.

Eventually I will describe that entire experience in detail, but I want quality illustrations to accompany my story, and I’m still working on that.

It’s so hard to watch a loved one be devoured by cancer. But I will not remember my aunt in that way, in her final agonizing days, withering away. Instead I shall forever remember her footprints in the sand. The day we met on the North Carolina shores, not long before she became gravely ill. The day she slipped off her shoes and wandered barefoot, happily down the beach, picking up sea shells, carefree and smiling as if she felt young again. I will always remember that timeless moment.


I know there are beautiful oceans and soft sandy beaches in heaven, and I hope that’s what she’s doing there now. Free and vibrant once more, on heaven’s golden shores, laughing like a child, building sand castles, and picking up shells.

We shall meet again soon auntie Dee, in our Lord’s Kingdom of Love and Light 🙂

I only know how to play a few tunes on acoustic guitar. But perhaps in the afterlife, Goddess Saraswati will be kind enough to teach me how to play the Veena for my aunt and every other soul I love.

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