I’m having major problems with my web host. The company sold out, changed hands, and now their hosting service is really bad, and customer service even worse. I may change hosts but that will require an enormous amount of time and effort.
Also, WordPress updates, software changes are causing major bugs, and conflicts with how WP functions on my web host’s servers.
On top of all that, Firefox, Chrome, IE etc keep making changes/updates in their browser code which affects how the browser interacts with various website software and code.

The 3 combined problems are A LOT to deal with. These are complicated technical issues, either over my head or completely out of my control. My entire website may be offline periodically, and visitors might be able to access the site home page, but not be able to load this blog. Please reload site pages several times, or check back later if things are screwy.

PAGE ZOOM. Text / font size may appear tiny. If you don’t know how to zoom in and out of your desktop browser screen: Windows users, Press Ctrl key and roll your mouse wheel to zoom in/out. Pressing Ctrl +/- keys does the same thing. Or in Firefox there’s a View option in the menu bar at the top (if you’ve enabled that feature) R-click on a blank spot on your FF screen top & select menu bar to turn it on.

INTERNET EXPLORER users, please use Firefox or Chrome to visit this website and blog. IE doesn’t work at all well. But if you insist on using IE and all you see here is a blank white page with text, please try this:
Click Tools icon in the top right corner of IE. Then click “Compatibility View Settings” in the drop-down menu.

Copy/Paste this URL text in the popup dialogue box: http://blog.mysticalswan.com/dir/
Click Add button and close the window. Then refresh the page at least once. But you may need to page refresh several times for your browser to adjust to the changes.
That should help my blog load better, but it looks like it still won’t properly function. The widgets, audio players may not appear or work, and graphics might be missing or broken etc etc. Either way this blog looks like crap in IE and WordPress is only compatible with IE9+ versions as far as I know.

Chrome doesn’t seem to like this WordPress version much either. The blog template may not load and graphics/images are likely missing or broken. I haven’t tested Safari or Opera. No way for me to know how my site looks and functions in every available browser.

You can also try Force Refresh, which will cause the browser to re-check with the web server to make sure it has the latest copy of the web page you are viewing.

  • Windows: Ctrl + F5
  • Mac/Apple: Apple + R or Cmd + R
  • Linux: F5

Clearing browser cache is often necessary to view the most recent site pages, otherwise you may be looking at an outdated version. Instructions for that, and other possible solutions for WordPress blog & browser related issues:

I’m currently (12-8-16) testing various scripts and WP Plugins such as Gmedia for photo attachments, galleries, embedded audio & video etc. The modules may not function in all browsers, or your browser configuration settings might interfere with how these new features function.

COMMENTS & EMAILS: My web mail service is terrible.
Please use this Yahoo address to contact me. I answer all emails and will reply asap. If I don’t reply it means I can’t get online, or my computer is down, or there’s some other technical problem.

All non-spam comments are appreciated and will be published, but right now I don’t get new comment alerts in my email, so I have to login to my blog admin panel to see pending comments. But I don’t login every day, and due to bad web hosting service or WP technical problems, many times I can’t login.

My apologies for past delays in publishing comments, but as you can see, very few people post comments, so I’ve let months go by without checking. In the future I intend to log in daily, but considering my current personal life situation, and website problems, that may not be possible. I may be forced offline for weeks or months at a time, for one reason or another.

Thanks for your patience.

(aka Cygnus)

Additional Info:
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