I’ve only seen the astral cord once, many years ago. A friend and I were traveling together and we’d stopped at a hotel to rest. My friend was exhausted and had fallen asleep on the bed next to me, while I remained awake and upright, sitting in a chair watching TV.

A short time after my friend dozed off, something odd caught my eye. I noticed a silvery streak on the wall mirror across the room. At first I dismissed it as simply being some kind of smudge or smear on the mirror’s surface, but it was so bright it kept catching my attention. The longer I looked at it, the stranger it seemed, and eventually I moved back and forth to change my visual perspective. That’s when I noticed the streak didn’t move in in sync with the mirror as I changed my position. So finally I got out of my chair and walked over to the mirror for a close inspection of the unusual mark. When I got within inches of the mirror, and tried to rub the streak, I realized it wasn’t actually a mark on the mirror’s surface, but rather a reflection of something behind me. So I turned, and to my amazement I saw a silver strand of light emanating from my sleeping friend’s forehead!

Of course I had to rub my eyes a few times, but it soon became apparent I was not imagining things. There it was, bright as day. A thin, silvery, smoky strand of light, energy, rising up from my friend’s third eye region and vanishing near the ceiling.

I stood there quietly observing this for quite some time, from only inches away. The cord was about the width of a very thin pencil. It wavered ever so slightly, and was undeniably aglow with soft light. At one point I was tempted to move my hand through it, but feared that might somehow harm my friend, or at the very least, disturb his rest… so I resisted the urge.

After maybe an hour of gazing in wonder, I just sat back in my chair and said to myself; Well there it is. The astral cord. Bold and bright, and irrefutably real. I’d always been inclined to believe the cord was real, but there’s nothing quite like seeing such things for ourselves, while wide awake, to confirm our beliefs. Unfortunately I did not have a camera with me, and I’ve always wondered if the cord would have shown up on film. It is, after all, astral energy, not physical. As such, it might only be visible to those who possess some psychic ability. Yet, the cord was bright enough to cast a reflection in the mirror… so who really knows?

When my friend finally woke, I told him what I’d seen. Naturally he was a bit skeptical, but I soon convinced him what I’d seen was very real, and that it was more proof positive that we’re all indeed immortal souls !  🙂