I’ve had a number of partial OBEs (out of body experiences) over the years. Not all of them were pleasant. In fact some were quite terrifying. But I’ll spare you those ghost stories for now, because I want to talk about wings.

One night many years ago, I began emerging from my body, fully conscious. Now, allow me to first try to describe the sensation for those who don’t know. Basically you feel as if you’re pouring out of yourself. As if you’re becoming millions of beams of light which are shooting outward in all directions. You feel as if you’re rushing through space at the speed of light, yet simultaneously lying perfectly still. It’s an undeniably intense sensation, which is likely compounded by paralysis. I’d rather not call it sleep paralysis, because modern science strongly associates this condition with hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations, which of course diminishes the validity of our OBEs. Legitimate OBEs have been confused with everything from lucid dreaming to hallucinations, to exploding head syndrome to alien abduction. So for now, let me just stay on-topic, and sum that issue up by saying that in this state, the body is indeed asleep and paralyzed, but the mind is awake, and you’re not hallucinating. Slightly dreaming? Perhaps, but not in my case. I was fully conscious, alert and aware of what was happening.

Okay, so I’d reached the point where I could feel my spirit emerging from my sleeping corporeal self. That’s when I heard wings gently flapping above my head. Although I was unable to see, judging by the flapping sound I’d say the wings were about the size of a fairly large bird, such as a crow or seagull.

Naturally I was nervous at this point, but I was a determined young man, and I continued to push myself onward, rather than freak out and jump off the bed.

The wings continued to flap, louder and louder, but not furiously so. These were strong but graceful wings, and to my amazement I suddenly felt light wisps of air softly brushing my face with their every beat.

Not knowing what else to think, I concluded a spirit bird of some sort had lighted upon my pillow, just above my head. It was perhaps some cause for concern, but I didn’t feel threatened, only fascinated. However, the experience eventually became overwhelming, and I forcibly regained control of my body and got up off the bed, thereby ending it.

I’ve read a good bit about astral projection, and I’ve read the accounts of many others who have heard these very same flapping wings. Unfortunately no one knows for sure what this phenomenon is all about. But I do recall someone suggesting that these wings aren’t really those of a spirit bird, or angel, or any other alien entity. They are in fact our very own spirit wings we hear.

However strange that theory may sound on the surface, it does make pretty good sense. Because if our consciousness and soul are one in the same, and our consciousness is centrally located in our physical brains, then it seems very likely that our outstretched spirit wings (if we could hear, see or feel them) would be found at the top of our heads. So if we’re lying on our backs and emerging from our bodies in this manner, and stretching our wings, it’s entirely possible we’d perceive our own spirit wings as being a bird on our pillow, perched just above our head.  We shouldn’t assume our true spiritual form is a carbon copy of our human body, only with wings on our backs. Our true spiritual form may very well be that of a bird, as has been suggested in vedic literature.

I’ll try to dig up more info about this when I’m able. In the meantime, thanks for reading and please comment or email me if you have something you’d like to share about this interesting topic.