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In this Christmas blog post, I’d like to briefly discuss my thoughts on religion, and share my enjoyable dream encounter with Jesus.

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Saraswati, सरस्वती, சரஸ்வதி : Goddess of knowledge, music and the arts. She is the consort of Brahma, and is considered to be the mother of the Vedas. There are varying interpretations of the word & name Sarasvati, eg; The one who gives the essential knowledge, or essence (Sara) of our own self (sva)… and, “saras” (meaning “flow”) and “wati” (meaning “a woman”).

Namaste 🙂

I created this site in the hope of finding the rare few souls in this world who have experienced a profound spiritual epiphany involving swans.

Many years ago, I surrendered my soul wholly and unconditionally to God, during a terribly dark and painful time in my life.

It is my unwavering belief, that I was subsequently visited by God, that very same day, in a dream. God appeared to me from within the darkness, manifesting as a pair of snow white swans. The swans glided out of the shadows upon the waters of a long fountain – and in unison – arched their wings high, then swept them across the surface of the water toward me. I was showered with a brilliant burst of white light, and an incredible feeling of love, joy, compassion, understanding, unity, harmony, and belonging, poured through the core of my soul.

I’m gradually writing a detailed account of that blessed experience. However, it may take a long time before my work is complete. I ask that those of you who are interested be patient. My life is constantly changing, often in upheaval, and this is a rather complicated and difficult task.

In the meantime, if you believe that you also were visited by a divine presence or force, God, manifesting in the shape of a swan, or if you know more about this splendid phenomenon, please contact me. I’d love to hear your story and learn as much as I can.



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